Our Method

At SLS Europe, we are committed to guide your pharmaceutical development towards success. Our translational project management method covers every essential step – starting from bench, followed by a GMP-compliant production, preclinical and clinical development phases up to marketing authorization.

Step 1: Target Product Profile

We kick off your project by defining a clear product profile, encompassing crucial clinical target parameters. Through in-depth market analyses and assessments of competitive parameters, including patent evaluations, we gain valuable insights to shape your product’s target identity.

Step 2: Methodical Reverse Planning

Our approach is driven by detailed reverse planning, where we strategize from the market and approval standpoint and plan backwards to methodically design clinical and pre-clinical studies. This well-structured approach ensures efficiency and clarity throughout the product development process.

Step 3: Streamlined Operational Project Management

Our project management method focuses on time and cost control. Carefully planned working packages and a milestone-driven approach allow us to stay on track and minimize development risks. Predefined critical “tollgates” provide added layers of safety, ensuring your project’s success at every stage.

Operational Excellence, Scientific Competence, Regulatory Expertise

Our team of experienced experts stands ready to guide you through the regulatory process, providing exceptional insights and strategies. Thanks to our broad experience and knowledge, we ensure your projects are perfectly prepared for interactions with international authorities. Whether your projects are planned in Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, or Africa, we have the competence and global reach to tailor to your unique needs.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions

Our unique set-up ensures optimal results tailored to meet your specific needs in your product development. By minimizing fixed costs and maintaining high flexibility, we provide you with top-tier solutions without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Partner with us at SLS Europe to unlock the full potential of your pharmaceutical project.
Let our method of translational project management facilitate your product’s development to reach its full market potential.