Designated Sponsor

At Serum Life Science Europe, we offer first class services for clinical trial management and oversight. Additionally, we can serve as a designated sponsor for clinical trials in Europe. With our extensive expertise and comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements, we can confidently assume the legal responsibilities of a sponsor, ensuring a smooth and compliant execution of your clinical trials.

Designated Sponsorship

We, at SLS Europe, can act as sponsor or legal representative in the Union for your clinical trials performed in the EU/EEA.

Regulatory Compliance

We place a strong emphasis on compliance with international regulations and guidelines. Our team of experts ensure that your clinical trial adheres to all relevant legal and ethical requirements.

Risk-based Approach in Clinical Trials

Our risk management strategies are designed to identify any potential issues early on and implement proactive measures to mitigate risks effectively. This approach not only enhances the overall safety of the trial participants but also safeguards the integrity and credibility of the study results.

Clinical Trial Management and Oversight

We provide comprehensive oversight of the clinical trial to ensure its successful execution. Our dedicated team closely monitors trial progress and adherence to protocols. By maintaining clear communication with all stakeholders, we promote efficient collaboration and facilitate timely decision-making.

Our Service Models


We offer fee-for-service models for defined working packages out of our diverse service portfolio.


Our service on demand is ideal for companies that need support on short notice or within an area beyond their internal expertise.

Interim Management

Our clients have the opportunity of complementing their existing management with our experts over a designated period of time. This cooperation may also be based on a shared risk/benefit model.

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