Organizational & Quality Management

At SLS Europe, we develop and evaluate your infrastructure for pharmaceutical development including quality-related topics. Our experts assess the performance of your quality management system (QMS) and help you to prepare (or with your preparation) for audits and inspections. We help you implement your tailor-made QMS by following a GCP specific approach. Our team of expert consultants is dedicated to supporting your organization in achieving excellence in quality management.

Gap Analysis

Our experts objectively assess your organization’s current arrangements against regulatory requirements and industry best practice. We identify areas of improvement and opportunities to enhance efficiency and compliance.

Customized QMS Implementation

We understand that each organization is unique. Therefore, we collaborate closely with you to develop a bespoke QMS that aligns with your needs and objectives. We help you manage change as your organization is growing or diversifying.

GCP-specific approach

We follow a GCP-specific approach in all aspects of organizational and quality management. By implementing the risk-based approach we teach you how to keep patient safety and data integrity in the focus of your decision making.


Our consultants are regularly invited as trainers for top-rated professional training providers. We can train your teams in house, via web-based seminars, or help you build your training curricular in a train the trainer approach.

Our Service Models


We offer fee-for-service models for defined working packages out of our diverse service portfolio.


Our service on demand is ideal for companies that need support on short notice or within an area beyond their internal expertise.

Interim Management

Our clients have the opportunity of complementing their existing management with our experts over a designated period of time. This cooperation may also be based on a shared risk/benefit model.

Empower your organization to reach its full potential by providing reliable, effective, and tailored quality management solutions.
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